Seminar on the connections between Herbal Medicine, Enzyme Therapy, Homeopathy and Bioresonance Therapy


Introductory seminar on BICOM Bioresonance Therapy and one more seminar.

Seminar goals:

Seminar content:

In this seminar you will learn about useful herbal remedies and enzyme preparations to complement your therapies with the BICOM device.

Subjects taught include:

Getting to know useful herbal remedies that complement BICOM Bioresonance Therapy * Enzyme preparations as effective anti-inflammatory remedies * Snake poison enzymes as a source of strength while undergoing chronic diseases and cancer * Understanding basic homeopathic principles and why homeopathy and Bioresonance Therapy are both energy medicine * Understanding the simile principle and thus building a bridge to a deeper understanding of the work with test and therapy ampoules * Practical uses of the BICOM potentiation module * Practical applications of using herbal remedies, enzymes and homeopathic remedies in the BICOM device input cup and second channel


Seminar venue and dates:

Ambleside, Cumbria, English Lake District:

New dates for this seminar will be announced in the future. Please check our website.

Ambleside Parish Center, Vicarage Road, Ambleside LA22 9DH, Lake District, England, U.K.


Seminar price:

€ 220.00 (if number of participants is 5 or more)

€ 260.00 (if number of participants is below 5)

Booking deadline:

Will be announced in the future.

Surcharge for bookings made after this date: € 50.00