Treatments for your health plus advanced training

We offer the opportunity to stay near our clinic in Germany and come for daily treatments which will be beneficial for your own health as well as for your advanced training. This needs to be arranged well in advance and can be, for example, for a period of one or two weeks, depending on both your individual health and training needs.

Students of Bioresonance Therapy who took advantage of this offer have reported that they tremendously benefited of their intense healing time with us and that receiving treatments deepened their own skills and understanding of the therapy method, thus helping them with their own practical work for their patients.

Besides Bioresonance we also work with Biophoton Therapy, Oxygen Therapies, Acupuncture, Homoepathy, Snake Poison Therapy, High-Frequency Therapy, Radionics, Flower Essences Therapy, and many others, which may be applied in addition to Bioresonance when required.

The area where we live offers many leisure and recreational as well as cultural opportunities, allowing you to enjoy your time between the sessions with enriching experiences.

Regarding accommodation, please contact us. We will be happy to help you find a place to stay.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us via email or phone:

Naturopathic Private Clinic
Matthias Jacob and Ruediger Grabosch
- Registered Naturopaths -
Kunkelsberg 34
45239 Essen
Phone: +49 - 201 - 32 03 49 40