Practical Workshop Human Medicine (Beginners' Seminar)


This training is designed for holistic health practitioners, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other therapists, as well as students and trainees who are in vocational training in order to practice one of these professions.

This workshop is ideal for therapists who have already done the Introductory Seminar with us.

However, also new beginners without any previous knowledge can join this workshop. For them, we will offer an extra session in the evening of the first day, to help them better understand the basic knowledge. This extra session is available for an additional fee of € 40.

Seminar goals:

The 1 1/2 days workshop will help you deepen your understanding of the principles and mode of operation of Bioresonance as well as the indications for using this form of therapy. We will work with the Bicom device in practice and an introduction to Tensor and Kinesiology testing, both in theory and practice, is also part of the workshop. You will get a deeper understanding about the fundamental difference between working with patients' own frequency patterns, as opposed to substances' own frequency patterns. A step-by-step guideline on how to be successful with Bicom Bioresonance therapy as a new beginner will complement this highly practical workshop.

Seminar venues and dates:

Live Video Seminar:

29th + 30th May 2021 (2 days) - confirmed date


Seminar price:

€ 395.00 + 19 % VAT (for those who have already done our Introductory Seminar)

€ ???? + 19 % VAT (for new beginners without any previous training, including an extra session in the evening)

Booking deadline:

2nd May 2021

Surcharge for bookings made after this date or if payment is received after this date: € 50.00