Seminar on Helpful Therapies for Cancer Patients


Participation in introductory seminar and two more seminars.

Seminar goals:

Understanding the background of tumor events and consistent treatment in order to clarify and sort out causes and effects as far as possible and to stabilize the body as a supplement to the conservative medical treatment measures.


Subjects taught include:

- diagnostic measurements
- basic therapies
- shock treatment
- procedure without operation
- procedure after operation
- procedure during radiation
- procedure during chemotherapy

In this workshop we will present the protocols developed by Sissi Karz for tumor treatment. These protocols are about working with the BICOM programs without any ampoules, using bodily substances instead, which contain all information necessary for our treatment.
This includes especially working in the low deep frequency range with the BICOM Optima. Bicom 2000 users will receive during this workshop additional useful programs for their bioresonance machines in the frequency range between 10 and 25 Hz which have similar effects as some of the BICOM Optima programmes in the low deep frequency range.

The seminar will not only help you to better be able to help your cancer patients while they receive oncological treatment. It will also give you an understanding and practical experiences of shock therapy, which is useful in case of any acute stress reactions and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), as this will be one of our majour subjects.

You will also receive valuable information and practical experience on how to help reduce side effects of any allopathic remedies, from blood pressure remedies to pain killers right up to chemotherapy.