Seminar on Giving Mental Support with Bioresonance Therapy


Participation in at least two seminars on Bioresonance Therapy, for example, Introductory seminar plus one more seminar, or similar knowledge.

Seminar goals:

Seminar contents: In this seminar you will learn how to support patients mentally.

Subjects taught include: Understanding the mental and emotional aspects of the five elements, meridians and related organs and adequate strategies to support these * Chakra therapy: Profound chakra testing via the three levels (conscious – subconscious – unconscious) * Shock treatment * Treatment of depressive episodes * Useful BICOM programmes * Use of therapy ampoules * Treatment of relationship conflicts * Supporting children with ADHD / autism

This seminar will show you how to treat patients with mental issues which come up while you treat them for their physical disease as well as patients who are seeking help with minor mental problems. Please note that Bioresonance Therapy is not suitable to treat more serious psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, compulsive disorders and addiction (apart from smoking).