Seminar on Therapy Systematic according to Sissi Karz


Participation in introductory seminar or similar knowledge.

Seminar content:

In this seminar you will learn to develop a specific diagnostic and therapeutic system, to set priorities in the treatment plan and how to identify and address therapy blocks.

Subjects taught include:

Bioenergetic testing: Electro Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Pulse Testing * Testing of priorities for the treatment plan * Systematics of the course of treatment, including test methods and benefits coming from combining them. Treatment of acute focus * electrosmog / geopathic stress * scar interference fields * TMJ / hyoid bone treatment * Immun boost * laterality treatment * build up of one brain half * disturbances of autonomic nervous system * pituitary treatment * treatment of nutritional points acc. to Sissi Karz, including finding the exact location of each one of them * tissue points * metabolism control programs