Seminar on Special Treatments according to Sissi Karz


Participation in the following seminars:

  • Participation in introductory seminar or similar knowledge.

It is of advantage to do our seminar on the Therapy Systematic according to Sissi Karz first and then this seminar on Special Treatments according to Sissi Karz. However if it works better for you to do them in a different order, that is possible as well.

Seminar content:

In this seminar you will learn the special treatment protocols according to Sissi Karz.

Subjects taught include:

  • Focus therapy
  • Holistic treatment via the jaw * How to stabilize bioenergetically disturbed teeth
  • Chakra treatment
  • How to dissolve birth traumata
  • How to build up the intestinal flora
  • Metabolic therapy: Fat metabolism control * Protein metabolism control * Carbohydrate metabolism control * Pancreas metabolism control
  • Hemodialysis
  • Detoxification therapies using bodily substances
  • Shock therapy: Relieving therapy according to Sissi Karz * Acute shock therapy
  • Parasite therapy
  • Spinal treatment by means of several BICOM chips