Seminar on Using Test- and Therapy Ampoules including Introduction to the Five Element Theory


Participation in Introductory Seminar on Bioresonance Therapy and one more seminar.

Seminar goals:

In this seminar you will learn the confident use of test kits, including those of the BICOM Combined Test Technique (CTT) and the Saint Pantaleimon Test Kits. You will gain an understanding of the underlying therapy systematics, thus being able to perform a profound and reliable diagnosis as well as a causal and in-depth treatment.


Subjects taught include:

  • Introduction to the Five Element Theory
  • Understanding the five response levels
  • Understanding the basic principles of working with test and therapy ampoules
  • how to use Test Kits for diagnosis
    • quick finding of central allergens
    • quick finding of background stressors in allergic patients
    • how to find stressors such as fungus, bacteria and viruses
    • how to find vaccination stresses
    • how to discriminate vaccination stresses from those through pathogens
    • uncovering of stresses through different environmental toxins
    • uncovering therapy blockages
    • how to quickly find the major stressors
    • how to find out which stressors have a subordinate position
    • which answers can we get by combining ampoules when testing
  • how to use Test Kits for therapy
    • how to remove therapy obstacles
    • how to treat the different stressors found
    • how to combine the therapy with test kits with the therapy with patient’s and substances’ own frequency patterns
    • how to perform stabilizing therapy according to 5 element theory
    • which therapy steps can be combined, thereby saving time
    • stabilizing therapy according to the Five Element Theory
    • stabilizing therapy with additional test kits