Introductory seminar on Bioresonance Therapy


This training is designed for holistic health practitioners, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other therapists, as well as students and trainees who are in vocational training in order to practice one of these professions.

Seminar goals:

The 2 1/2 days introductory seminar provides a detailed overview of the principles and mode of operation of Bioresonance as well as the indications for using this form of therapy. In addition attendees will have the opportunity to actually work with the Bicom device in practice. Subjects covered include naturopathic principles as an important foundation of Bioresonance Therapy, basic therapy and indication-related therapy. Introduction to Kinesiology testing.This seminar involves intense practical work with the bioenergetic test method Kinesiology. You will learn how to achieve accurate test results and then use the findings to create logical and effective therapies.

Many practical exercises and demonstrations are included as part of this intense seminar, allowing you to successfully integrate the principles into your daily routine. You will also receive valuable tips on how to incorporate Bioresonance Therapy into your routine as a Naturopath / Holistic Health Practitioner. This seminar not only offers new horizons for therapy but also builds a bridge towards a better understanding of naturopathy and regulatory medicine.