Seminar on Bioenergetic Test Methods


Participation in Introductory Seminar.


Seminar goals:

This seminar involves intense practical work with the two bioenergetic test methods

  • Tensor


  • Kinesiology


Subjects taught include:

  • For both test methods
    • how to achieve accurate test results and then use the findings to create logical and effective therapies
    • strengths and weaknesses of each test method
    • possible combinations of the different test methods and benefits that come from combining them
    • testing of remedies
    • allergy testing
    • testing of dental material
    • sources of error and how to avoid them
    • many practical exercises
  • Kinesiology
    • test of vertebrae
    • test of organs through skin reflex zones
    • test of meridians
    • testing of scar interference fields
    • rapport test to test relationship therapist – patient
    • surrogate test
    • self test
  • Tensor
    • how to check one’s own and the patient’s testability and how to restore it if necessary
    • testing of toxins and other stressors
    • Identification test according to Dr. Schumacher:
      • mycoses, parasites
      • viruses, bacteria
      • environmental- and pharma toxins
      • food additives
    • testing of dental material, amalgam and focal toxicoses