About us

Matthias Jacob and Rüdiger Grabosch have been training English speaking Bioresonance therapists since 2011.

They both completed their training as licensed Naturopaths in Germany in 2005, and have been working in their own clinic for 15 years. Both therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in different therapy methods, including Bioresonance, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Oxygen-Therapies and Flower
Essences Therapy, with Bioresonance Therapy as their main therapy method.

Since 2021, they have devoted themselves completely to research and teaching in the field of Bioresonance therapy and naturopathy. Both Matthias and Rüdiger put great emphasis on the practical aspect of training; particularly on learning how to achieve accurate test results by means of bio-energetic test methods, and then using the findings to create a coherent and effective individual therapy plan for the patient.