Therapy Systematic with Patient's own Frequencies (TPF) and Allergy Treatment


Participation in introductory seminar or practical workshop human medicine or similar knowledge.

Seminar goals:

In this seminar you will learn to develop a specific diagnostic and therapeutic system, to set priorities in the treatment plan and how to identify and address therapy blocks.

Subjects taught include:

  • bioenergetic testing: kinesiology
  • testing of priorities for the treatment plan
  • systematics of the course of treatment, including
    • basic therapy,
    • follow-up therapy with respect to meridians and indications
  • diagnosis and treatment of therapy blocks and interference fields, such as
    • scar interference fields,
    • blocks of mandibular joint and hyoid bone,
    • blocks due to electrosmog and geopathic stress,
    • spinal blockages
  • testing of remedies
  • introduction to bioenergetic / biophysical diagnosis and treatment of allergies
  • pain therapy
  • pre- and post-operative care, also with respect to dental procedure
  • therapy with body’s own substances
  • use of Bicom minerals, oils, chips and other substances
  • understanding different types of allergies and their causes
    • chronic "central" forms of allergies
    • allergies due to an overstressed immune system
    • hormonal allergies
    • pseudo-allergy
    • intolerances
  • allergy testing
  • treatment of allergies with the Bicom bioresonance device
  • many practical exercises