Seminar on Detoxification, Acid Base Balance, Kidney, Bladder, Reproductive System, and Skin


Participation in Introductory Seminar or Practical workshop human medicine and one more seminar. or similar knowledge.


Seminar goals:

In this seminar you will attain a deeper understanding about the different detoxification mechanisms of the human body as well as the acid base balance, and how to support them in a healthy way with Bioresonance and other naturopathic therapies. You will also learn about the healthy function as well as diseases and their treatment with Bioresonance Therapy of kidney, bladder, the reproductive system and the skin.


Subjects taught include:


Different approaches for detoxification therapies * Understanding the acid base balance of the human body and its effects on different organ systems and control loops * Amalgam cleanup * Understanding the water balance of the human body * Treatment of kidney and bladder diseases with Bioresonance Therapy * Diseases of the human reproductive system and their treatment * Fertility disorders and their correction * Bladder and urinary tract diseases and their treatment * Maintaining health of female breasts as well as prostate. * Supporting the skin in its healthy function as a detox organ * Treatment of skin diseases