Seminar on the Nutrient Points according to Sissi Karz and Single Frequency Training


Participation in Introductory Seminar or Practical Workshop Human Medicine and one more seminar.


Seminar goals:

In this seminar we will intensely work with the Nutrient Points according to Sissi Karz, and with single frequencies.

This includes for part 1 (Nutrient Points):

- identifying lacks of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids in our patient's body via the Nutrient Points and their treatment

- identifying disorders in our nutrient metabolism and their treatment

- treatment via the superior tissue points

- understanding the significance of each Nutrient Point and the related substance

- finding the exact location of each Nutrient Point

- new hope for patients suffering from cachexia due to tumour disease or any other serious illness through effective use of the Nutrient Points


for part 2 (Single Frequency Training):

- techniques of finding a single frequency with both pulse and tensor testing

- testing for the optimal programme with the frequency list

- treating patients for environmental stresses with a single frequency

- spinal treatment with a single frequency by using several bicom chips

- removing stress with a single frequency in the first therapy session to prepare for further in-depth treatment

- using single frequencies for the treatment of allergies, pathogens and other stubborn stressors